Load Banks and Fuel Tanks

Switching loads between multiple generators
Load switch panel
AQT Load Banks are purpose-built for precision testing of generators and UPS systems. Featuring automatic load management, they intelligently detect and apply the actual load, preventing light load operation. Constructed with resistive elements and a blower motor in heavy gauge aluminized steel, our load banks guarantee accurate and controlled testing. With a rigid structure, they ensure durability for both indoor and outdoor installations, adapting seamlessly to diverse testing environments. Elevate your testing experience with AQT for reliable and efficient performance measurement.
At AQT, we take pride in offering comprehensive solutions for fuel storage and filling systems, ensuring a reliable and continuous power supply for your operations. Our diverse range of tanks comes in various sizes, including cubical or cylindrical options, with the flexibility to meet customer specifications, local authority regulations and international standards like UL and NFPA.